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Friday, October 26, 2007

School is in and other ramblings

(thanks for the pic Lorena!)

Sharpen those pencils

Well, after almost five years, I started back up with my classes at Columbia to get that long awaited Bachelors in Information Systems. You see, I got my first job in IT a week after I graduated high school, so I've been fitting in classes here and there since I didn't get to go to college full time. The opportunity was there, so I took it. The world of IT is an ever changing monster, and I've been fortunate enough that my employers foot the bill for the battery of techie certifications under my belt, and now this continuing education. Although it seems it will take me to the end of time to finish, I'm glad to again be using areas of my brain I haven't used in a while.

Oh, and I picked up my mail yesterday to find my employer's service award packet offering me gifts after TEN YEARS of service to them come March 2008- that's TEN YEARS people! I've never been at a job longer than eight, yet I feel blessed that I'm in the situation that I'm in- I think I'll look for something sparkly, or perhaps that cool looking telescope...

An 8K upgrade

I've registered to run the 8K (~5 miles) Turkey Trot held in Chicago's Lincoln Park on Thanksgiving day. The most I've run is five miles, but it wasn't pretty. Both of my 5K races were strong efforts, so I feel pretty confident going the extra distance if I train right. I'll have to admit that doing the races not only keeps me motivated to keep working out, but they're quite addicting!

A Hallo-weenie weekend

I'm not too sure what I'm doing for Halloween yet. I'm finding it hard to motivate myself to dress up- is that a sign that I'm too old perhaps? I think this year I'll join my nieces and nephews on their trick-or-treat routes and scam some candy while dressed in some of my costumes from previous years.

Happy hauntings!


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