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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Seven posts and counting

Well, I've made it to seven posts in a row for National Blog Posting Month- I'm hoping I can keep it up! It's been nice to sit down, relax, and write about what's on my mind for a few minutes.

I've been exposed to some really interesting people around the world as I'm scanning the various blogs participating in NaBloPoMo the past few days. In the past, I haven't been much attracted to personal blogs by people I don't know until just recently. I do wish that some of my friends would post more, or start up blogs so that I can read what they've been up to. It's not that I'm nosy or anything, it's just that most of them are such interesting people in real life, and a pleasure to be around, that it would be nice to read about what they've been up to.

One blog in particular that I've been following for close to three years now is On the Road With Larry and Teddy. This is a blog done by a rather tech-savvy retired couple who travel the U.S. in their RV, blogging about their experiences to keep their family up-to-date on where they've been, and what they're doing.

I've always dreamed about retiring in an RV, traveling the world with my future wife, and living out of a home that we can just pack up and move around. In following Larry and Teddy's blog, I live that life through their eyes, and dream about how it would be to do that. I don't know them personally, mind you, but I feel like I'm traveling with them- seeing the sights and meeting new faces.

I've linked up a few of my favorite NaBloPoMo blogs in my new "blogroll" that you'll find along the right side of this blog, just underneath the "Shared Feeds" section.

Until next time!

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