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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Run Log 6-18-08: 6 Mile run

Run: 6 miles
Total time: 00:56:33

I went back to Independence Grove forest preserve for my six mile run today. This is by far my favorite place to run locally because I can do six to seven mile runs and not stray too far from the park itself- it's just that big.

Today's run was better than Monday's. My legs were still quite sore from Saturday's race, but I didn't feel like collapsing in a pile of hurt like I did on Monday. Today, I still had to walk once near my three mile turnaround point for one minute to shake the pain off and continue running. I felt much stronger near the end of my six miles, and was able to keep a respectable 9 minute-per-mile pace.

I was going to chicken out and skip my two mile run on Thursday so that I can be fresh for my eight mile long run on Saturday, but I'm going to suck it up and run it anyway- pain or no pain. I just told myself that this was nothing- wait until the 20 and 30 miles per week I'll be putting in come August and Sept.

I canceled my gym membership at the Field House in Waukegan, and joined a smaller, but newish gym just five minutes from home. The Field House is a wonderful place, but it's too big for what I need, and this new place is nearly $25 dollars cheaper. I'll be working on my core and upper body strength with a trainer through the summer in preparation for Chicago.

I think it will work out nicely.

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