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Monday, September 22, 2008

Follow up on the 20 Mile Monster

I wanted to take a few minutes to look back at my post titled, "Thoughts on conquering my 20 mile monster," just to see how I did.

My run went so well that I wanted to make sure I document everything I did leading up to the run so that I can duplicate it the week leading up to the marathon. I'm sure a little luck was involved on Sunday, or perhaps divine intervention? Whatever it was, lets hope it sticks with me come Oct. 12.

These notes are mostly for my own use, but feel free to read along with me!

On clothing:
No problems whatsoever here. I elected not to bring my iPod so that I can hear what's going on around me. The mental game was what I was afraid of- no music to pull me through the tough parts. A conversation with a friend during the run helped on this one...

On the night before:
I planned a bit more than I should of for Saturday, and was kept pretty busy all day. I did, however, manage to finish early, get my things together, and got a good seven hours of sleep. Sleep is good. Set the alarm for at least three hours before the start.

On nutrition:
Oatmeal-check, bagel-check, banana-check. I took a Cliff Bar with me on the road to nibble on, but I felt pretty full- too full in fact that I had to potty more than once. The REALLY tricky part is making sure I eat at least two hours before so that I don't end up puking it during the run. I also didn't want to be hungry at the start either. Two hours was perfect.

On pacing with the group:
I got to the event a good hour before my start time, but the potty lines were LONG, and I wasted quite a bit of time there. I missed my 9:00 minute mile pace group. Started with the 9:30's. No harm done. Get to the event at least an hour early or more. Find a thicket of bushes instead :-)

On nutrition during the run:
Hydration belt with two bottles Gatorade/water mix, two bottles with all water to take down the Power Gels. Hydrate at each water stop (about 3 miles apart) with Gatorade early until the bottles are empty, walk for 60 seconds at each stop. Power Gels with water every 5 miles, and walk 60 seconds. For later stops, take the Gatorade cup, and a water cup. Drink both. DO NOT drink straight Gatorade (stomach cramps). Four to five gels is plenty.

The two Gatorade/water bottles go in the holders at the front of my belt, the two all-water bottles go behind me. This part is important, people. Trust me on this one.

On preventing the cramps:
Two words- Pretzel Sticks. I bought a bag of these three days before the run and munched on them while increasing my water intake. I'm no scientist on this one, but I think it kept my sodium levels steady. An electrolyte tablet with 16oz. of water one hour before the run also helps. No cramps before, during, or after. This one is super critical and will be the most difficult to master, I think.

Final thoughts:
Rest is important. I can't stress enough how seven to eight hours of sleep in the week leading up to the long run really helps. Three days of rest with some light duty training and a strict stretching regiment is also critical. If I can duplicate what I did here in the week leading up to the marathon, I should be in good shape.

Crossing fingers.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:47 AM

Blogger Jesse said...

The powder is a great idea. Something to try out after the marathon. It's probably too late in my training to start something new now. Thanks for the suggestion!

12:52 PM


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