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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Goodbye Long Runs... for now

Lindsay running in Chicago 2008

This is Lindsay. She's a running rock star.

She also hates my guts. Well, at least she did for the second half of our 13 mile run this past Saturday :0)

This was her first training run in Chicago, and it was my last long run before the Chicago marathon in two weeks. It turned out to be a beautiful day, but since we got a late start, the heat of the sun started to take its toll on us. We could have used more of that refreshing lake breeze, too.

So as she started to fade a bit after our turnaround at the 6.5 mile mark, I yelled at her to keep moving! She told me a few times she couldn't continue on, but I wanted nothing of it! Poor Lindsay. I think my brief stint as an assistant cross country coach during high school kind of showed itself.

In the end, we both finished all 13 miles. I thought for a minute I may have ruined our chances of running together ever again, but a high five at the finish as she said, "I couldn't of done it without you," was an encouraging sign :)

I know we all need a bit of encouragement to pull through the really tough miles. As a mostly solo runner myself, I didn't get much of that during my training, so it was nice to help a friend finish strong.

After our run we headed to Millennium Park to check out WiredNextfest:

WiredNextfest Chicago

This is just one example of the crazy contraptions that will be "transforming our world" in the near future. From personal transports, to robotic wonders, it was neat to see the different types of innovations already taking shape.

So that's it. My training is done for the most part. It's mostly just maintenance runs for the next two weeks until Oct. 12.

Here's what's ahead:

Mon: 5 miles
Wed: 5 miles
Thur: Cross train
Sat: 8 miles

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Blogger runner-grrl said...

Good deal! Sounds a little like my long run, we started Fri afternoon and it was 84 and sunny. I was ready to quit by mile 4, but Rick made me keep up race pace to Mile 12. (We slow-rolled the last two.) I refused to talk to him for 8 miles. Sounds like you guys had a great run, and many more to come!

I'm still waiting for my taper. I think my coach is secretly trying to kill me. --Alex

7:06 AM

Blogger Nicole said...


I REALLY could have used you on Sunday! My long run was a complete disaster (as you have already heard)...A little companionship/sharing-of-misery would have been nice. Anyway, thanks for the post-run encouragement.

We're both doing our marathons on the same day! You should find someone to post tweets for you (my boyfriend Ian is going to tweet for me)....

Happy Tapering!
Nicole (aka: Running Bébé)

11:47 AM

Blogger Jesse said...

As I said on your blog... With your marathon on the same day as mine, I'm sure you've been through many long runs already. One bad one shouldn't discourage you. I think once your mind and body know the time for the marathon is near, you will be prepared to run. I'm no pro at this being a first time marathoner myself, but dammit! I'm going to enjoy this experience and work my ass off to finish- do or die! and you better too!! How's that? :) You'll do great.

1:56 PM


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