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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Of phantom pain and early taper madness

I had to stop 5 miles into an 8 mile run yesterday after feeling a "pop" in my left calf muscle. The only way I can describe it would be like snapping a stretched rubber band. I felt it from the knee down to my heel.

I stopped dead in my tracks and stretched it out for a few minutes. I was able to jog the half mile back to my car, and I wasn't limping at all. I quickly massaged the area and it felt like I had a charlie horse in there. It scared the crap out of me.

Later in the evening, I put ice on it and massaged the area for a bit and it felt better. I woke up this morning with a little soreness, but I think it's OK. I'm staying positive about it all.

All of this training is taking its toll, I think, and I'll be glad to be gearing things down come Sunday. I may just take a queue from Alex and get one of these deep tissue massage deals she talks about in her blog, however unpleasant she makes it sound :-)

Speaking of this Saturday, I'll be joined on my 13 mile run on the Chicago lakefront by fellow running-blogger Lindsay, who is training to run the St. Jude Memphis Marathon in Memphis, TN on Dec. 6. I've been following her blog for quite a while now, and am looking forward to finally meeting her in person! She will be coming up from Dekalb, IL. for her first run along Chicago's beautiful lakefront. It will be nice to share the last long run in my marathon training with a friend!

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Blogger runner-grrl said...

Hope the pain is nothing, Jesse! Ya, I'm still sore from that massage--even cut my 8 mile run short to 5.5 mi today for that reason. Figured NOW is not the time to push it (ordinarily, i would have). We've done the work already!--Alex

6:54 PM

Blogger runner-grrl said...

Jesse--I updated that blog post on the deep tissue massage with an important note. Please learn from my mistake and don't repeat what happened to me! --Alex

7:58 AM

Blogger Jesse said...

Ok, that whole massage thing turned scary! I'll think twice about doing that!

10:05 AM


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