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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello November!

November 6 mile run
Post 6 mile run.

I headed out for a run this past Saturday, and started out with a couple of layers of clothing close to 10 a.m. As I arrived at the park, I had to switch to my sleeveless technical tee and some arm warmers. It was still a little chilly for gloves, but they came off soon after wards. The temps were near 60F, and this is November? This has been the 3rd weekend in a row where shorts were a must. Crazy!

These have been my hardest workouts to date since the marathon, and I have that dull pain in my lower legs that comes with hard workouts of 5 miles or more. It's a great feeling! I'm still on track to run my 10K this coming Thursday, and really looking forward to it- that and the turkey later, of course!

When the 10K is over, I'll be heading back to the gym to start weight training again through winter along with doing some core work. I've been doing the same routines for two years now, which have worked well, but I think I may just get a trainer this time around to mix things up a bit. I love to swim, too, but I don't have a decent sized pool near me, that I know of anyway.


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