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Saturday, May 22, 2010

That lovin' feelin'

I'd forgotten what it's like to be tired after a long run.

Today I completed my longest run since the Chicago Marathon last October, and my longest since recovering from my hip flexor injury- eight miles.

Breathing was good, pace was great, weather was great... couldn't of asked for a better run. I decided to run on the Lakeshore Path, near Independence Grove, but had to go around flooded underpasses and muddy areas. A little mud on the shoes never hurt anyone.

The Madison-Chicago 200M Relay is still a few weeks away, but this run instilled some confidence in being able to run the bigger miles. Next Saturday, I'll shoot for ten miles, and then start to rest up for the relay. I'm looking forward to meeting the other 11 members of the team.

I'm going to be careful to not overtrain, especially since I'm not using a set training schedule for this first race. It's a bit liberating, actually, to be on my own schedule. I'll get back on track when I start my training for the Chicago Marathon next month.

Thins are really looking up!

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