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Monday, November 12, 2007

King of the Hill Loser

So as I'm sitting back this week taking a complete rest from the gym to take care of this knee, I began to think back at some of the injuries I've suffered over the years. I've been rather fortunate to not have suffered anything serious, but I can distinctly remember a couple I suffered as a young kid.

I spent some of my most cherished years as a teen growing up in Wauconda, IL. One day, my best friend and I were playing King of the Hill over the small creek that ran through my back yard. Each side of the creek had rather tall hills on each side and we were jumping across them trying to knock each other into the chilly water- well guess who lost?

I remember falling down, leading with my right arm to cushion my fall, and ended up landing with my elbow on a large rock. I remember hearing the break, but thought I had just bruised it. I couldn't bend my arm back down because it hurt so much, so I ran inside crying to my dad.

He ended up pulling on my right arm thinking it was dislocated, and every time he would pull, I would black out. I remember my temperature being really warm, so I layed down and fell asleep in front of a large fan.

It wasn't until my mom came home from work that she ended up taking me to the emergency room after seeing the large balloon encompassing the area near my right elbow. The diagnosis? a hairline fracture of the radius bone- one of two bones in the part of your arm between your wrist and elbow.

I spent six weeks in that cast, and remember how cool it was to have something all of my classmates could sign. I ended up healing rather well, but couldn't turn my right arm without some soreness for a time.

So did I gross you out enough? Broken bones aren't fun- except for the cast- do they even heal bones that way anymore?

I don't want to find out.

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