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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Week In Photos: Day 2 Tuesday

Office Space
Week: Jan. 28, 2008


(If you click on the photo, you'll be taken to my flickr page so you can mouse-over the various notes explaining what everything is.)

A view of my office desk. What you don't see is the giant mess on either side of this photo. If I ever meet the guy who said technology will replace paper someday, I'd like to put my fist through his... well you know =)

The Treo smartphone you see in the photo is central to the other two systems you see here-my laptop and desktop computer. I'm not sure WHY I have both a computer tower AND a laptop to begin with, since the laptop will pretty much kick the towers ass any day, but they both serve a purpose in some way.

The Treo keeps all of my data synchronized between both. The phone also gives my laptop access to the internet no matter where I am. And since I'm responsible for my company's world wide data network, it's essential I have access everywhere!

It's geek speak, I know.

I kind of noticed that the wall in this picture is pretty bare aside from the post card thingy, so I have to brighten it up a bit. I also noticed that practically all of my gadgets match in color! Black is in, baby.

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