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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Week In Photos: Day 3 Wednesday

Gadgets Galore
Week: Jan. 28, 2008


(If you click on the photo, you'll be taken to my flickr page so you can mouse-over the various notes explaining what everything is.)

This is a small sampling of the various electronic gadgets I own. This isn't all of them mind you, since I have more at the office.

Most of these are now retired and call a comfy drawer their home. It must be tough being a gadget, since new models come out all of the time; second generation this, third generation that. I swear I have to take out a separate bank account to own the latest and greatest! But I love them so.

A little background on a few of them:

-Sony Clie UX50: This is the one that looks like a mini laptop, which is pretty much what it is. This PDA was WAY ahead of its time when it came out. This little guy is loaded with all kinds of stuff: wireless, bluetooth, voice recorder, camera, scroll wheel, color swivel screen, metal exterior... It was super expensive at the time and I was PISSED when Sony canceled the entire line about six months after it came out- PISSED! I vowed to never buy another Sony product again.

- Treo smartphones: This line of Palm smartphones paved the way for most of the fancy do-it-all phones you see today. The Treo 755P is the latest in the Treo line and is my favorite. I struggled for a time as to whether to replace my Treo with the beautiful iPhone, but I couldn't justify the funcionality. The Treo is a work horse and does a damn fine job at everything I throw at it.

- Palm Handspring Visor: My first ever PDA and did its duty for many years before it was replaced by the Sony UX50.

- iHome2go portable speakers: My iPod Nano slides into the front of this mini-speaker system powered by 3 AA batteries. This is my favorite gadget and I absolutely love to travel with it. It does a nice job of filling those lonely hotel rooms with my tunes!

Head over to my Flickr site to see a description of everything you see in the photo!

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