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Thursday, October 30, 2008

These days of easy going

I'm coming up on three weeks since the marathon and I'm still taking it easy. I haven't clocked any big mileage since then. My longest run has been an 8 miler last weekend, but otherwise I'm still in recovery mode.

I'm still experiencing the odd pain here and there. It's suggested you take up to a month to ease back into running full on. Last week I strained a couple of muscles in my back during my morning stretches, and it really had me worried as it hurt pretty bad. Fortunately, I was able to heal up after a day or two. Then, after my eight miles on Saturday, I ended up with a sore groin for a few days after which I'm still taking care of. Long story short, I don't think my body is quite ready for heavy workouts just yet.

I'm still staying on schedule with my runs, but the intensity has definitely decreased. I had the most incredible, easy four mile run on Chicago's lakefront on Wednesday with my CES group. The Chicago skyline at night is absolutely breathtaking from that angle. It was already dark by the time we started, but the cool night air really cleared my head. There's nothing like it.

Saturday I'll do six miles with the group. I figure I should be able to be back on track with my workouts after next week. Still, I feel great and have been enjoying my time off of heavy running.

I need it!

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