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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My spring marathon list

I've narrowed down my choices for a spring marathon to only four. All of them except San Diego are within driving distance, which I prefer to do simply because I love to drive when I travel.

This will be the first of two full marathons I'd like to run in 2009- one of them being Chicago again in October.

Here is my list in order of priority:

Apr. 19: Go! St. Louis Marathon, St. Louis, MO.
May 3: Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati, OH.
May 17: Rockford Marathon, Rockford, IL.
May 31: Rock N' Roll Marathon, San Diego, CA.

As of right now, I'm leaning towards Missouri. A big part of this is because I'm familiar with the area and the reviews on are pretty positive. It's also the closest to the end of my winter training schedule.

I missed running the Rockford half-marathon I had planned last year, and that is why it's on my list. The Rock N' Roll marathon sounds hella fun and, well, it's in California!

Hopefully I'll get one line up by next week.

P.S. Shhhh.... My cap of only doing two marathons in 2009 is not set in stone :)

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Blogger Nicole said...

Have you ever done a spring marathon? I did one in May after my first marathon last October and found the training in winter to be a million times harder. Just a heads up...But on the other hand good for you for coming back for more! I'll vote for Rock 'n' Roll...for what its worth (sounds super fun)

2:37 PM

Blogger Jesse said...

Oops. I accidentally deleted Lindsay's comment. Here it is (sorry Lindsay!)

Oooh, I've heard good things about the Flying Pig Marathon course. Most set a PR in that course! Not flat like I thought I heard though!

I'm most worried about doing the Go! St. Louis Marathon. It will be 4 months and 2 weeks after my first marathon. I don't know if that's too soon... I have until Dec 31 to decide and pay $80. After that it goes up to $90. -Lindsay (

2:44 PM

Blogger Jesse said...

Lindsay- I've heard Flying Pig is a great marathon too. As for your 2nd marathon, 18 weeks to prepare doesn't sound too bad, but then again I haven't done a 2nd one so close to my first either. I suppose it will depend on how fast you recover from your 1st. I was ready to run short miles a week after chicago, but I'm still taking it easy this week.

2:48 PM

Blogger Jesse said...

Nicole- You're right about the training being harder in the winter months. I did smaller mileage all of last winter. It wasn't horrible, but then again my long runs were no longer than 6 to 7 miles. I think that's why I've selected marathons in a little further in May for next year.

2:51 PM

Anonymous Kevin said...

Spring marathons are hard; especially training trhough the Winter and keeping motivated.

StL - Is fun. It can be sparse, spectator-wise but you get to see some great parts of the city. (I grew up there too so I am biased) A little hilly.

The Pig - Great Schwag. Pretty hilly and a beautiful course.

Always wanted to do Rockford and SD. Hmmm....Rockford.

Also check out the Lake Geneva Marathon if they are doing that this year. There is an adventure race around the lake. The second half is VERY hilly and the run around the lake stones can be treacherous, but it was one of my favorite races.

10:55 AM

Blogger Jesse said...

Kevin- Fortunately, I'm no stranger to winter training. And you're right- it can get pretty harsh. Hopefully joining the training program will help with motivation through those long months! Thanks for your input on the marathons! Geneva is another great suggestion. I'm torn!

8:43 PM


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