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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting my fix on

Evening run

The photo is kind of crummy, but it was taken during my evening run today.

I missed my run with my training group tonight because I ended up staying late at the office. I figured it wouldn't be worth taking the drive to Chicago from Waukegan when I only had an hour to get there.

Because I missed the group run, I had an intense urge to get out there to run no matter what time it was. There was no way I was missing this today. I had to get my fix on.

I ended up starting around 7 p.m. and went out for a sixty minute run- about six miles. The temperature was near 50F and there was a glorious drizzle out there making for a perfect run.

Well... near perfect.

I just about turned my ankle on a pot hole near the end, but I was able to recover and no harm done. I guess I just dropped my guard for a quick second and missed seeing the hole. The low battery on my head lamp didn't help either.

It helps that I have strong ankles, I guess.

That's what many miles of pounding pavement with the feet will do to you.

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