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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

It's close to 11 p.m. as I'm writing this on Thursday night and I'm a bit tired. Please excuse the rather lame post... I think the election night craziness and last nights hard workout is starting to catch up with me. Hopefully I'll feel refreshed come Friday, because of course, it's Friday!

Speaking of workouts, I've been slowly ramping up the mileage on my runs now four weeks after the marathon. Although my legs feel fresh, I sort of feel like I'm lumbering on during my harder runs. I can feel that I'm slightly out of conditioning in my legs, but it's nice to not feel that constant soreness that I've felt most of the summer. I'm averaging close to 15-17 miles a week now, and it should be up over 20 come next week.

I think a lot of the stiffness I've been feeling has to do with me running a new route at night and feeling rather nervous about it. Everything looks so much different at night and it's taking a little while to get used to. I'll talk a little more about that in a later post. As for this weekend, I'm looking forward to running 7 miles with my group on Saturday morning.

Right now, it's off to bed. I'm glad to get this crazy week over with and it should be a rather relaxing weekend.

Until next time my friends!

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