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Friday, November 07, 2008

I'm missing t-shirts and shorts already

Running gear bags

This is a photo of all of my gear bags, including a new one (the Nike bag near the front) that I bought today. In those gear bags was all of my winter running gear. Each bag served a purpose- cold running gear, not-so-cold running gear, reflective evening running gear, and gym workout gear. It's outta hand, I know.

It's a giant pain. The Chicago area winters can be brutal, and at other times they came be rather tame. Either way, I love to run outdoors when it's cold, which explains the bundles of gear I carry around for every condition I may run into.

Not only do I need the gear to run in, but I need to have extra clothing available for when I'm waiting around for buses and trains in the city!

The new bag is going to take the place of all the others for now, and will keep me company on my trips to the city for my group runs.

I sure hope it's big enough.

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Blogger runner-grrl said...

I know what you mean! I think my running gear (including jackets, hats, gloves, etc.) and my running shoes outnumber any other part of my wardrobe :-) --Alex

1:56 PM


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