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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yearning for the long run

These days have been hard- very hard. I'd been on a layoff from running for over seven days until yesterday (Monday) due to some rather nagging pain in my left knee. It wouldn't be so hard to take a rest, but I DO have a half marathon to do in less than two weeks. This only complicates things.

There is the problem of needing to get on a treadmill to run to risk further injury, or running in 12F weather to aggravate the pain. I went through this last winter, and can only hope I get through it without major damage.

I did a little over 2.5 sluggish miles on the treadmill yesterday. My legs felt heavy and I was really tense, and had a little trouble relaxing. I did a walk/run routine for about 30 minutes with some minor pain, but it does feel like I'm making progress. I finished up with about 30 minutes of stretching.

I yearn to do anything over ten miles, to get in my zone, and feel that high again. I've come to love my weekend long runs- absolutely love them. I have to restrain myself from working too hard when I do run, and even to keep from getting too down on myself when I don't.

I'm no longer worried about a PR below 2:04 in the half-marathon come Feb. 8. I am going to go there and run my heart out until I can't do it anymore.

Then again, maybe I'll just finish the thing. Who knows? Either way, I want to feel that I at least tried.

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Anonymous prettykatie32 said...

you're going to do great. I know the knee's been a problem but once you get down there it's going to be fantastic. You have awesome drive and determination. I have faith that you'll finish it! Keep positive :)

4:06 PM


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