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Friday, January 16, 2009

Winter running doldrums

It's been cold. Really cold. And this winter season has been far worse than last year, I think. My winter running group has canceled more group runs than ever, leaving us to train on our own quite a number of times. Yes, its been that harsh.

So my running has been scattered all over the place the past few weeks- mostly since the holidays. We've had winter advisories almost every other day, and unsafe conditions have kept me on the treadmill for most of my runs except for my weekend long runs- the last big one being 12 miles on 1/3.

The treadmill has not been kind to me. I started experiencing some pain in my left knee right around the beginning of the year after hitting the treadmill pretty hard this winter. This is pretty much the same scenario as last year, with the same pain and in the same area after heavy treadmill work. The 'mill just doesn't feel natural to me at all and I'm constantly making adjustments to my stride to combat the awkwardness I feel on it. I've since made a few adjustments to feel more comfortable, but I'm just naturally a pavement runner, I guess.

I've resorted to doing no more than 3 to 5 miles on the treadmill during the week, even though my schedule calls for between 5 to 8. I've been taking every opportunity nature can give me to get out on the streets to keep from aggravating the knee further. Otherwise, I've been aggressively icing it on my rest days, and concentrating on my stretching and strength training routines.

This weekend will be my groups last training run before they head to the Bermuda Half-marathon, and I head to Florida for my half in February. I'll be doing a simulated 13.1 mile half-marathon Saturday, with a goal of finishing pretty close to the two hour mark if not under.

The temperatures will be going up into the 20's, which is ideal for me, although some snow is expected overnight tonight (Friday).

I don't care. I'm really itching to get out on that pavement, and can run through any kind of weather at this point.

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Blogger runner-grrl said...

Hang in there! It has been some crappy weather. What ever happened to global warming?? Your stride may be different on the treadmill, which could lead to the knee issues. Hope the cold weather is ending for awhile. --Alex (aka run350)

7:56 PM


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