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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Project 365/002: Holding a ray of sunshine

Project 365/002: Holding a ray of sun

The sun coming through the window this morning was deceiving enough to think it was going to be a beautiful day. It was actually hiding the fact that is was in the single digits yet again. It is January after all.

My eyes had just popped open when I saw this ray of sun hit the bed from the window across the room. I extended my hand as if to hold it and thought about summer for a moment- my favorite season:

-Fishing at Fish Lake Beach in Volo, IL. I haven't been for a few summers now.

-North Avenue Beach, Chicago. My favorite hangout after a long run on the lakefront path.

-Waukegan's south beach. Friends, beer, swimming, and sunshine- almost heaven on earth.

-Long runs on Chicago's lakefront path in triple-digit heat waves. Nothing like a sweat-fest with a dump in the lake after.

-Camping and hiking Devils Lake in Wisconsin.

I can daydream all day about this.

For now, the warmth of the sun in my hand will have to do.

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