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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Weekend wrap up

It's Sunday night and I've been studying for my last week of class and the dreaded final exam. I'm ready to get this over with!

Friday- I went for my first night time run after work in my subdivision. Running in the dark is a completely different experience all together! One good thing about the upcoming first day of winter is that the days start to get longer, and I'll have more light to run as the days go on. I put on my reflective vest, headlamp, and flashing armbands and headed out for a 4 mile run- I'm sure people thought I was a run away Christmas tree! It turned out to be a nice run away from the track.

Saturday- I went to my 8 year-old nephews birthday party in Lake Zurich and did a little cosmic bowling with the family. Then I zoomed out to meet up with friends for Kelly's birthday party for some good food and some awesome cosmic mini-golf. Good times for sure!

Sunday- Well, I had originally planned to run the Rudolph Ramble in Chicago this morning, but considering the ice and snowy mix that fell over night and into the morning, I decided to play it safe and stay away. I'm just getting over a fussy knee and didn't want to risk injuring myself by falling on my face! I instead ran a strong three miles at the running track (with zero knee pain to my relief!).

The week's going to be dominated by some more studying for my final week of class, and then no classes until January!

I can't wait until I can get a few days off during Christmas and New Year's- I'm ready for a break.

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