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Friday, March 30, 2012

Running Happy

So here I am- another year of running happy. I believe this is my 6th year since coming back from a loooong hiatus- I'm talking high school here. Last year wasn't the greatest, as I was struggling with some rather scattered training for the Chicago Marathon along with fighting a right IT band issue. That injury still bugs me today, but it's not as serious and I seem to be recovering rather quickly.

I managed to only do 13 miles of the Chicago Marathon last year. I jumped in at the 13.1 mile marker after watching my favorite pro runner, Ryan Hall, zoom by with the rest of the elite field. Needless to say, I don't count it as a full marathon, and consider it a DNF (did not finish). I still had a grand time enjoying the crowds even though it got rather hot yet AGAIN.

I decided to train over the winter with Chicago Endurance Sports and their Winter Warriors program. It kept me fit through those long, cold months and liked it enough to join their Spring Training Program to prepare for the Illinois Half Marathon on April 28th. Not only am I running with a fun group of people, but it's teaching me pacing, timing, and fancy workouts that help me with my speed.

I've signed up for the Chicago Marathon again this year. My goal is to finish in that ever elusive 4 hour (or less) finish time that I came so close to reaching back in 2009. In other running news, I joined the 6-man Ultra team for Ragnar Chicago this year. Back to back runs totaling close to 33 miles are on my plate for Ragnar this year- it's going to be a challenge for sure!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cleaning the flower beds

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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Hello 2012

Of course, my little 'ol blog has been neglected since I've been spending so much time writing about mobile tech for other blogs. I sure do miss it, though. This year's running adventures are looking to be rather interesting, and would love to continue writing about them here- I sure do miss that.

I've signed up to run the Chicago Marathon again this year in my continuing quest to finish in or under four hours. I've come ever so close, but my personal best still stands at 04:11:44, which I did back in 2009. That particular race had me beat my previous PR by 43 minutes! I'm hoping that wasn't a fluke, and am working hard this year to shave that 11 minutes off.

I'm crossing my fingers that I'll have more time to write here. For those of you who are still visiting- thank you!

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