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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Action Shot: 10 mile training run


Taken near mile seven of my ten mile training run at Independence Grove forest preserve, Libertyville, IL.

A run of 10 miles is daunting. As I stood at the beginning of the trail that was to take me completely around Independence Grove, down the Des Plaines river trail, and back, I wondered if it was possible. The sun was out, and the wind was blowing at an incredible 35 mph, and it was a bit cool out. The most I've run before this was 9 miles in Chicago.

I couldn't believe how powerful that wind was. Running 10 miles is one thing, but fighting a 35mph wind while TRYING to complete it is another. I swear I could of put my arms out and have been lifted into the air. It was one of the more difficult things I've done.

But I did it.

I've never felt such relief or sense of accomplishment. I finished in one hour and thirty nine minutes. I walked for two minutes during the run to take a power gel and a drink, but otherwise I ran the whole thing. I'm constantly surprising myself.

The May 18 Rockford half-marathon is less that 22 days away. Holy crap! I have two 11 milers to do before then, and then it's race time. I'm looking forward to it with nervous anticipation.

Right now my legs are tired, and my left quadricep is a bit sore. My feet and knees have held up surprisingly well, but I think I'll be retiring my trusty running shoes after Rockford.

Those shoes and I have been through a lot. Perhaps I'll have them encased and hang them on my wall.

Yup, I'm a nerd like that.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Thank goodness for Friday's

It's been forever since I've posted... Bad bad!

Seriously, I've been putting many hours at the office as of late- both during the day and off hours. I can't believe how much work there is- which is a blessing, I guess. Just as I've returned from bringing our newest plant online in El Paso, TX., now I move on to the next.

Another recent acquisition my company has made is Woods Industries. You may have seen their retail electrical products at Target or Home Depot. They're headqaurtered in Toronto, Canada, so guess what? A trip to that location is in my future. Think El Paso.

What else is going on?? It's nice to be running again after a two week layoff due to traveling and being ill. I'm looking forward to my 10 mile training run tomorrow!

So I have more to write, but my steak is here and my beer is getting warm... :-)

'til next time my friends!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scenic mountain drive

On a mountain side in El Paso, TX looking south.

Just over those mountains in the distance is Mexico.

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Talking to the world via El Paso


One plus side to my company's recent acquisitions is the travel involved in bringing our newer warehouses online with the rest of our data network nationwide. A downside? All work and no play!

Unfortunately, the hotel where I'm staying has a pool, but no workout room, and I've yet to take some time to map out a running route to get a few miles in. I would absolutely love to get a run in on those roads that run along the mountainside. The scenery around here is absolutely beautiful, and the temps are nearing 90F- my kind of weather.

This new 400,000 sq. ft. warehouse will take in the four manufacturing plants we have here in the El Paso area. The company is one we acquired last year, and we're consolidating, and streamlining our manufacturing in this section of the country.

Hopefully I'll get a few more photos up before I'm done. Be sure to check out my Twitter page here for some of the impromptu photos I take when I'm mobile!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Destination El Paso, TX

I'm traveling through Wednesday of this week on my way to El Paso, TX to assist in putting our newest warehouse online.

I really enjoy flying, just as much as I enjoy seeing new places!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Updated links and weekend wrap up

This weekend turned out to be a decent one. I'm on the tail end of a cold that's kept me on the down low since about Wednesday. The worst day was Friday, as I didn't leave work until 6 p.m., got a quick dinner, and crashed early. I ended up missing the grand opening of this great, new music/teen venue in Grayslake that will, I think, be a great benefit to the local music community here in Lake County. Let's hope so.

Saturday, Lidia and I went to a friends birthday party that started at Bistro 17 in downtown Waukegan, and ended at Bacci's directly across the street after an impromptu bar hopping quest through all of the bars on Genesee street. It ended up being a good time, and it was nice to revisit the downtown area. You can see some of the photos I shot as events unfolded on my Twitter page here- look for the "" links.

I will say that Bistro 17 and Bacci's are great little gems resting on what Waukegan hopes will become a bustling Genesee street in the downtown area. Bistro 17 will be showcasing local blues and jazz acts in the upstairs lounge area, and I hear the food at Bacci's is to die for. Follow the links above for more info on these venues.

My running schedule has been in the dumps since last Wednesday due to this crazy weather and my annoying head cold. It will become even more complicated as I leave for El Paso, TX. on Monday for business until Wednesday. I'll have to squeeze in a couple of miles in the warm weather down there!

So that's my weekend wrap up. I've updated the links under "Friends" on my page along the right with links to blogs by friends of mine. I really enjoy reading them, and hope you do too:

I'll be sure to write next from the great state of Texas!

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Food of the Gods

Pizza and beer after work on a Friday.

Can't beat it.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Not so indestructible

Well, looking back at this post, it seems I'm not so indestructible after all...

I've caught a slight cold, and am feeling kind of crummy. Fortunately, it's rather minor and has kept me home from work only one day.

I've been around so many people as of late, and with this nutty weather, I supposed it was going to catch up to me at some point. I'd rather get it over with now since I'll be heading to El Paso, TX on business early next week.

Chat again soon my friends!

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Action shot: Nine mile run

Sunrise on the Chicago lakefront path somewhere around mile 3 of my 9 mile training run.

What a beautiful day.

As I write this, I've completed the entire nine miles- my longest to date- and I was blessed with a wonderful run.

My body's endurance continues to surprise me as my mileage increases. I must be doing something right!

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Nine miles to somewhere

I've been taking it a little easy since the Shamrock Shuffle this past Sunday. I did five miles this past Wednesday, but it was rather tough! I couldn't control my breathing for some reason, and my original plan to run eight miles didn't happen. There may be one small 5K race on my schedule before the Rockford half-marathon on May 18th. for a little more practice. The hotel room has already been reserved!

I'm due for my longest run yet at nine miles this Saturday. The longest I've run so far is eight, which went surprisingly well. My longest training run for the half marathon will be eleven miles, and that's sometime in early May- I can't wait to see how THAT'S going to turn out. I'm still quite healthy-no aches and pains, so I have a good feeling about these nine miles. I supposed we'll see!

See ya on the flip side.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Touch Me

Yup, that's my new Apple iTouch and it's quite lovely...

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