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Friday, September 22, 2006

How I use my Treo

As originally posted on the forum and front page of

I'm a producer for a weekly two hour radio program at an FM radio station in a suburb of Chicago. Our radio show is unique in that we feature music from local artists in and around Chicago and world wide. I'm responsible for putting together the playlists each week, and it's critical that our music complies with the FCC regulations an FM station falls under, or face hefty fines and the cancellation of our program. Since our program only showcases music from local artists, I have to carefully screen each song we play for profanity, explicit language, etc. This is where my Treo 700P comes in.

Once I receive the CD press kits from the artists, I import them in to iTunes, and then build the playlist we will air on the show. This playlist is then sync'd to the Treo using the mOcean iTunes conduit, and then I build a playlist on the 700P using Pocket Tunes Deluxe. The great bookmarking feature in Pocket Tunes Deluxe lets me bookmark any part of the song I deem as being inapproprate for airing, so I can come back to it later.

Once I'm ready to piece the final playlist together, I open Pocket Tunes Deluxe on my Treo, display my bookmarks, and either re-screen the song a second time, or remove it from the playlist completely. I keep an Excel spreadsheet in Documents To Go on my Treo that I reference on occasion to pick out the "safe" songs I've already screened for previous shows.

It's nice to be able to screen the music for our radio show on my 700P while on my way to work, or while I have some free time. My Treo 700P and its great mulitimedia capabilities, music player included, have kept our show on the air for over a year now showcasing to the world the wonderful music we have in our city.

Pocket Tunes Deluxe
Docs to Go

Monday, September 18, 2006

Frontpage on

One of my tech write ups made it on the front page of the popular website - the site is all about Palm PDA related devices. They are having a contest on their forum where they pick a name from the "Uses for a Palm" post to win a Samsung Q1 UMPC multimedia device.

Just scroll down to the post titled "How I am using my Treo700P"- it has the name "JesseJstreet" tagged just before the article.

In the piece I write about now I use my Treo 700P in creating the playlists that you hear on the JstreetRADIO program.

I like to do the mobile tech writeups as a hobby, but I really don't consider myself a writer at all. I've used Palm devices since the early Palm Pilot days circa 1996, so I'd like to think some of my knowledge in that area will help someone out there.

I'll publish the article here after the winner of the contest is announced.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Cleaning House!

Well... all of a sudden it seems I'm low on disk space where this blog and Jstreet are both hosted. I guess 6 years of websites caught up to me again. The new podcasts won't fit and some of my photos aren't uploading.


Shouldn't take too long. I did this same thing about 3 years ago. I don't mind as it streamlines everything behind the scenes, so there isn't so much clutter.

I'll be back in business in a flash!